Julien Couture-Senécal

Ph.D. Candidate

Julien obtained a B.A.Sc. in Engineering Science at the University of Toronto where he completed his senior thesis on immunomodulatory biomaterials. For his Ph.D., he is interested in developing nanomaterials to deliver multiplexed RNA vaccines for immunotherapies. In his free time, Julien likes to ride his bike around the city and learn new tunes on the guitar.

Anson Lau

Ph.D. Candidate

Anson specialized in Neuroscience for his undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto and completed his thesis under the supervision of Professor Derek van der Kooy. He is interested in utilizing nanotechnology to create a novel therapeutic system that delivers nucleic acids in various pathological settings such as cancer. In his spare time, he enjoys biking and exploring the city as well as snowboarding.

Alanna Manning

M.A.Sc. Candidate

Alanna is from a small town just outside of the GTA. She is a very active person who enjoys most sports and outdoor activities. Alanna attended Alabama State University for her undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering where she was also a member of the women’s soccer team. Her time in the United States opened her eyes not only to the field of Biomedical Engineering, but to the diversity of cultures, lifestyles and people. When not on the field or at a sporting event, she was in the lab researching natural polymer adhesives. Excited to apply what she learned down south, her current interests at U of T are bone development, regeneration, and delivery systems.

Grayson Tilstra

Ph.D. Candidate

Grayson hails from the sunny Okanagan Valley and completed his B.Sc. (Honours) in Chemistry at the University of Victoria before moving to Toronto. Grayson’s research interests include biomaterial development, formulations, and synthetic chemistry. Outside of the lab, he enjoys cooking, hiking, and spending far too much time thinking about baseball.

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